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BELLY PAINTING                                                                 PRENATAL ART

The options are only limited by your imagination,  you can have as much of you painted as you like.  Just your belly bump to your whole body. Create special memories of your pregnancy. 


You can have your belly painted at your baby shower, or privately, the photos are a treasure forever and will make a fabulous addition to your baby book.


You can have a Growing Belly series painted.  A different painting evolving with the different stages of your pregnancy.  A theme can follow the growth within you as it matures such as a seedling sprouting or a tadpole transforming, a blossoming flower, again your imagination can take you anywhere. A minimum of 3 paintings for the 3 trimesters shows of the different stages best.

Belly painting prices are dependant on how much area is covered and how many painting are being done.   

$60 for a single painting, up to $300 for a full body.

Growing Belly:

Series of 3 $50 per session total $150.

Series of 4 $45 per session total $180.  

Series of 5 $40 per session total $200.

A photo shoot by myself is included as is a digital record of photos.  To book please contact me at

creative and beautiful way to celebrate the new life that you are bringing into the world, having your belly painted is a wonderfully unique way to celebrate your pregnancy. 

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